Time to Hatch: Brand consistency across platforms

January 28, 2016, Posted in blog, Guest Blogger Wisdom


Today it is a pleasure to introduce Jennifer Walker. Jennifer is a social media officer, and we are delighted to share her thoughts on keeping your brand consistent with your online presence.


You’ve all seen them. The little eggs that populate profiles in Twitter. Most of the time, the eggs are for personal accounts. People who are just trying out Twitter, still unsure of what to do. However, sometimes, businesses make the mistake of leaving on that little egg. “It’s just to have a presence and a link to our site. ” We’re here to tell you, it’s time to hatch!

Not just on Twitter, but across all of your social media platforms, your brand presence should be consistent.

What do we mean by consistent? All of our platforms should have the following:

  • Your logo as your profile picture
  • Cover photos that are either designed in congruence with your brand, or if you are brick and mortar, a picture of your location(s)
  • Identical or similar handles
  • A link to your website
  • A description that tells followers exactly what you do

There’s no way that a potential customer should ever have to look at one your social accounts and say to themselves, “Is this the right account?”. Remember, there is a lot of noise on social media. Help your current or potential clients to find you and engage with you!

Here is an example of well planned branding across social media platforms.
Visualize Fitness
Twitter: @visualize_fit https://twitter.com/visualize_fit
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/visualizefitness/
Instagram:Visualize Fitness http://www.instagram.com/visualizefitness


The message, the logo and cover photos are consistent across the platforms and also in keeping with their website. To a follower, there is no guessing if they’ve found the right account or not. You’ll also notice that the handles are all very similar, so they are easy to search out.

Are your platforms all congruent with your brand? Take a look! If you need help with your social platforms, we can help you with any questions or adjustments that need to be done.

Jennifer Walker
Social Media Officer/Creative


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