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February 25, 2016, Posted in blog, Guest Blogger Wisdom

tablet2Today we get to hear from Jennifer Walker once again. And she has a lot to say about your brand online:

You have your logo, your colours, your fonts…so you’re all set, right? Wrong. Branding doesn’t just stop with your logo, especially not when it comes to your social media accounts. You’ve probably done a little bit of thinking on who your target audience is, which is great! But, do you know where they ‘live’ on social media?

Let’s say for example that your target market is men between the 30 and 50 years of age. If you are spending lots of time on Pinterest and Instagram, then you are doing your business a great disservice! Men of that age range tend to be on Facebook. There is also a potential for those men to be using Twitter and Linked In, and while they are the predominant demographic on Google +, that platform as a whole isn’t as widely used. Having said that, you may still want to explore the secondary platforms depending on the resources you have for social media.

So, you’ve found where your target audience lives online. Now what? Make your accounts similar with all your identifiable branding. Consider though, while you post, that your brand is more than that. It is how you communicate with your audience.

  • What language will you use?
    Will you write in ‘we’, ‘I’, or perhaps third person statements?
  • What kind of tone will your posts use?
    Will they be formal? Casual? Funny?
    * Note that this will also be based on which platform you are using. What’s suitable for Facebook is not always suitable for Linked In.
  • What images do you want associated with your brand?
    We are all visual creatures, but what type of images will you use across your platforms? Maybe you are thinking black and white fits in well with your brand. If your target market is men between 30 and 50, black and white images will likely be attractive to them.
  • What are the narratives you will explore?
    All demographics respond to videos, so what kind of videos could you use to showcase your business? What would the narratives be like?

No matter your target market, no matter which platform you choose, posting consistent and engaging content is the most important thing. If all you ever post are notices about sales and products, you will lose followers fast. Try to think outside the box and get creative, while maintaining a truthful voice and your brand’s image.

Jennifer Walker
Social Media Officer/Creative

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